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<a href="">◤◤LUNCHBOX THEORY INTRO by Lunchbox Theory</a>

Africa Africa Africa pt. 1 took us into the continent, pt. 2 takes us into the future. The Globes very own, DJ Underdog, has shut it down again. Brought to you by Lunchbox Theory, this mix-tape gives you a little taste of what goes down at the sensational Afro-Beat for Ya Soul party. Africa Africa Africa pt. 2 features 10 afro-futuristic tracks from Fela Kuti’s body thumping “Zombie” to Die Vögel’s “Empire”. This rhythmic compilation is a bit darker than the usual sounds Lunchbox Theory shares, providing a modern take on the Afro-beat sound.

Download: Africa Africa Africa pt. 2

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COMING SOONER THAN LATER.... IF YOU HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED THE LAST FEW MIXES PLEASE DO BELOW:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

If you have downloaded the series this year, thank you. If not, see below:

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<a href="">KARIZMA-SADE REALLY LOVES U by Lunchbox Theory</a>

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